How To Use byobu.

This is very small manual with most common shortcuts. SHIFT + F2 -> open new window SHIFT + F7 -> Not sure, but sometimes withoutView More

How to Install DarkIce onto Raspbian

Original post here: Connect to the Raspberry Pi with SSH or use an HDMI display if you are unfamiliar with SSH. Enter and executeView More

Openshot disable looping popup

editing ~/.openshot_qt/openshot.settings I actually had to change {“value”: true, “title”: “”, “type”: “hidden”, “category”: “Tutorial”, “se tting”: “tutorial_enabled”} to this: {“value”: “”, “title”: “”, “type”:View More

Terminal Outputs:

example: ~#tput setaf 3; date # background color using ANSI escape bgBlack=$(tput setab 0) # black bgRed=$(tput setab 1) # red bgGreen=$(tput setab 2) #View More